Monday, February 6

A Brokeback Moment

Two weeks ago I saw Brokeback Mountain, the new film directed by Ang Lee that is taking the country by storm. If you have not heard anything about it, you surely are living in a cave, perhaps in Afghanistan, perhaps with Osama bin Laden, and perhaps you should inform the authorities. However, the movie, set in 1960’s Wyoming, is the story of two cowboys who develop a relationship while herding sheep on Brokeback Mountain and the ensuing years of their struggle to hide this relationship from their friends and families. The movie has become quite a cultural phenomenon with everyone from TV personalities to my friends using it in their day-to-day vocabulary: “Another Brokeback Moment brought to you by Bud Light!”

The movie had a profound effect on me, not for the groundbreaking homosexual themes that have incredibly transcended all ideologies and phobias in this country, but for the overarching theme of the movie. As homosexuality is greatly frowned upon in the cowboy/ranching community they try, ultimately unsuccessfully, to keep their relationship a secret for over twenty years. Their fear of the consequences: destroying their families, and becoming pariahs lead them to discreetly meet twice a year back on Brokeback Mountain. While they continue normal lives, they long for a life together that in reality will never exist. Thus leading to the question:

Has there ever been a point(s) in life when you have been too afraid to take action when you should have or tell someone how you really feel?


  1. there has been more than one situation when I felt like my head was about to explode but did nuthin about it!!it sucks for sure...the feel inside which is ashmed of you and also wants you to shut up both at the same time.

  2. Two Words: Internet Relationships.

    They have become the more revolutionary idea of dating, yet still a lot of people are embarrassed to say that they met their better half over the Internet. Most people observe the Internet as a terrible way to meet people, due to all the potential sexual harassers or because of those who lie about themselves, since it is so easy to do.

    Though I do think caution should be expressed while using the Internet as a dating tool, it should not be totally ignored. I enjoy how the relationship is more based about your personality, though I am not saying looks are completely out, but people will give you more of a chance to know you when you are able to express a few lines about yourself as a first impression. People are more easily to ride you off in person just by the looks, but online you can say a few witty lines and then that person would be intrigued.

    But since people think dating online is stupid and sometimes scandalous, a lot of people are embarrassed to express that they do date online.

  3. Yes, I am extremely worried that someone I care very much for might drink too much. How do I approach that person?

    I also liked Jessi comment. It was very thought provoking.

  4. Well, if it is someone you care about, you have an obligation to bring this problem to their attention, if they really are drinking too much. I am not a psychologist nor do I have any experience dealing with people who have serious drinking problems, but approaching them in a one-on-one situation would work best. Tell this person what you've been thinking and how you feel their drinking has had a negative impact on their life. I'm sure they might be defensive, but if they care about you as well, they will respect what you have to say and maybe even agree with you. You want to come off as a friend, not too overbearing or like a mother because that may make the situation worse.

  5. "Has there ever been a point(s) in life when you have been too afraid to take action when you should have or tell someone how you really feel?"

    Yes. Afraid of how they will react. Afraid they will not feel the same way. Afraid of getting hurt.